All the features that make HappyGift awesome


Powerful Store Platform

It all starts with a powerful e-commerce platform designed to allow you sell your own gift vouchers for instant delivery via email or print. Connect it to your website in just minutes.

Your Brand

HappyGift provides you your own custom branded online voucher shop along with custom branded vouchers. Available both in print and email versions for full flexibility.

Effortless Redemption

Your team can redeem vouchers in just two simple steps, keeping your busy operation running smoothly and your customers delighted.

Limitless Possibilities

Unlimited products, flexible voucher options, your own custom designed vouchers, promotions, experiences, coupons, even tickets, etc. The power is in your hands.

Fast Secure Payments

HappyGift uses the industry-best Stripe payment processor to provide instant, secure credit card payments. The money is in your bank account in just 2 days.

Effective Reporting

Powerful reports are at your fingertips so you always know how your voucher business is doing. Sales, redemptions, unredeemed vouchers, it’s all there in just a click.

Simple Powerful Interface

The HappyGift platform is designed with simplicity in mind, yet is and extraordinarily powerful sales and marketing tool in your hands.

Increase Your Sales

HappyGift allows you to effortlessly sell gift vouchers – and we know that gift vouchers help boost business with awareness, goodwill, and cashflow. But HappyGift is so much more than that. It’s a powerful marketing machine.

Prevent Fraud

HappyGift helps you manage fraud by using Stripe’s powerful anti-fraud technologies at the payment step, as well as our other fraud prevention measures at voucher creation and redemption.

Great on Mobile

The HappyGift platform is designed to give you and your customers a great mobile experience on any device.

New Features All the Time

We want to make HappyGift the #1 gift giving platform in the World. Ambitious, we know. But we are committed to continuously grow and improve – hand in hand with you!

The Friendliest Support

We believe that giving makes people happy (our name is HappyGift after all). Our support team is the friendliest, most helpful bunch you could meet. We’re here for you.

And it’s FREE

Is HappyGift really free? Yes it is. You can sign up right now, and you don’t even have to give us your credit card.There are payment processing fees from Stripe and there is a small processing fee per voucher that we pass on to your customer – but there are no fees from HappyGift to you. And we NEVER TAKE A PERCENTAGE OF YOUR SALES like other solutions do.