How it Works

How does the system work to sell gift vouchers

Step 1. Sign Up

The first step is to complete the Sign Up form on our website.

After filling in this form, we will send you an email which must be verified. Once verified you will be brought to our Store Setup Wizard which will guide you through the process of setting up your store, choosing products and selecting your templates etc.

During this process you will be required to connect to Stripe. If you do not already have a Stripe account then you will need to create one. This is very simple to do and is what will allow you to get your money from your customer orders. We use Stripe as our payment method so you have access to your money.

Once this is completed a new HappyGift store will be created for your business. You can then to your voucher store from your website any way you wish.  Don’t have a website, no worries

Step 2. Your Online Store and Dashboard

HappyGift is 100% web based, so there is no need to install any further software.  It also means that you can have access to your dashboard from anywhere, all you need is an internet browser and connection.

The Dashboard allows you to set up new products, product categories, special offers and promotions as well as allowing you to customise your storefront. We know that your brand is important to you so we’ve created templates that you can customise to reflect your company style. Your customers will get stylish vouchers that are on-brand, on-message and on Premium they will also have the option for a quality printed option.

With each print-out we give people handy folding guides to make sure your gift vouchers is presented the best way possible.

Step 3. How Transactions Happen

Once you have setup and connected your Stripe account, and have linked your Voucher store to your website, you can start selling gift vouchers.

Your storefront is easy for your customers to use and fully smartphone and tablet compatible meaning your customers should have no problems managing to purchase vouchers.

After your customer has purchased a voucher, they will receive a PDF printable voucher with a unique code that represents the voucher value. This code is unique and coincides with both the transaction and your store.


When you connect your Stripe account you can see your money pass in real time from the customer at the moment of purchase to your nominated business account. The transactions are transparent and the reimbursements of funds are predictable.

Stripe payments mean you have access to your revenue

We chose stripe as our payment partner for their reliability, competitive fees and it works with all major credit cards.